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Welcome to Babbit's Fun Room

If there is one thing I've learned living with three different bunnies in the house, where ever they are, there is fun going on or mischief. Some of Babbit's buddies are showing you what kind of fun they can have when no one important is looking.

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Melon bunnyBagged bunny

They are forever foraging about for food. Ours have had the run of the back yard and if not out there they are indoors begging for treats. Playing in paper bags in a favorite past time too.

Getting into precarious places has always been a rabbit's favorite thing to do. I was sitting in my desk chair here at the computer one day and Snuggle E. decided he wanted up so he jumps onto my back between the back of the chair and me. Precarious to say the least.

Buck BunnyMr. Ambition

Now Buck Bunny here on the left is saying, "Aren't these mine? I thought you meant these for me?". Have you ever seen a more innocent face and Mr. Ambition on the right is saying, "This one's mine, I found it so I can have it can't I?". Aren't these guys just TOO much?

Now this happy couple likes to frolic and kick up their heels like Babbit out in the yard.


Now these guys are doing the gardening in Babbit's Garden. They help Babbit with the rest of the garden while he is busy pruning my miniature rose bushes for me.

Are you enjoying the music so far? I don't much like Country music but Babbit says this is his web site and we will be doing it HIS way after all. It seems like Bugs is really getting into it though wouldn't you say? Babbit has some pretty famous friends as you can see. Have you found him yet? NO, well he really is around here somewhere. Maybe you'll find him in his Secret Garden. He could be out in the back yard feeding the birds. 



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