We are proud to announce the adoption of Russ T. Rabbit,
lovingly known as Rusty, among many other names.

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March, 26, 2000

After we lost Snuggle E. Bunny to an intestinal blockage, we have been searching for another house rabbit. We just never quite got it together at the time a Mini or Holland Lop became available. I wanted a Mini with a broken or spotted pattern and\or a golden retriever colored self or solid colored. We also wanted a male. Nothing quite like being choosy but I didn't really want one the same as Snuggle or Babbit, our first bunny, the name sake of this web site. Our daughter and her husband tried to find us one and never really had luck either but on Valentines Day, our luck came home. They found Rusty in a feed store and knew he was perfect for us. He was our Valentine\Anniversary present. He is the golden\red color self mini lop I wanted shot through with dark brown. I am not exactly sure what the color is called but I have seen many pictures just like him. One of my favorites is a golden retriever, a marmalade cat and the mini lop all lined up on a couch and they all look alike in color. That ought to give you and indication of his color. He is a precious little guy that weighs in at four pounds and is at the present time recovering from surgery thank you very much. All went well as he is starting to be his old self. I showed this to my husband and he said that I have too much time on my hands. =-)
We have taken some darling pictures of our new 6 month old baby and they should be developed very soon.

July 29, 2000

We finally got the pictures of Rusty developed. To see the pictures of our devil bunny on steroids, click on the Birth Certificate.

March, 2001

We have had our nutty bunny now for a year. He is very much a part of this family of three adults and two cats and is definitely the king of the hill or heap as it were. His personality is very much ingrained into our hearts. He isn't the snuggly bunny that Snuggle E. was by any means. Unless it's his idea, he hates to be picked up. He loves to jump up on me when I am in my recliner and beg and I usually get a whiskery kiss for my trouble. He snatches soda crackers if he can get away with it. His favorite foods are:

Romaine Lettuce
Soda Crackers
(His vet says they are fine, no fat in modest proportions.)
And of course, a lot of this list is seldom given but he loves them none the less.

He won't eat apples much or his hay. It's there but we seldom see him really eat it. He adores sticks, cactus, roses, baskets, newspapers (especially the glossy adds) and anything he isn't supposed to get his silly little teeth on. :-)

Rusty is soft and adorable and we can't imagine life without him even when he is being a sourpuss. When my husband has picked him up for a love session, he thumps him on the chest and runs off thumping all along the way. He thumps his opinion quite often actually. Silly boy! He likes the yard but does frighten easily. He does run full tilt from one end to the other but wants the door left open. Snuggy was the yard bun. My husband would go out into the yard and start digging a hole in the garden and Snuggy would come help him dig. It was so funny. Rusty doesn't seem to have found out about the joys of digging to China yet.

May 5, 2001

Rusty is officially on a diet. We have removed his pellets (alfalfa) a nd will soon be replacing them with timothy pellets. We are at present time forcing him to eat his hay. He would seldom touch it and it is crucial to rabbit health. We had to shut him in his cage for several hours to get him to start eating it. It still isn't his first choice but at least he eats it now. Since the weather is nicer and we've had a relatively dry spring, he has been going out side for a couple hours at a time and is starting to trim down. He's looking svelte to say the least, handsome bun that he is.

April 23, 2002

Rusty is still with us and doing well. He is King of all he surveys and loves to terrorize his tunnel we made him. He not only chews on it at will but literally picks it up and throws it around. Sort of "Take that, and that!". I call him our "One bun wrecking crew". The tunnel is made out of tall case boxes of good strong card board folded into thirds lengthwise. We place the behind the couches so he can't sit back there and chew on the skirt of the couch. They have to be triangular so that he can't sit on top of them and still chew. He loves to run through them and I think he just likes to hear the sound of his claws as he goes through. He hates the kitchen floor however so that may just be speculation on my part. The part of the tunnel he throws around is a "T" junction that sits in front of the tunnel entrance behind the couch. He likes to lay in the crook of the "T" with his feet against the cardboard.. He has his "spots" that are his favorites to lie or sit. Rusty isn't one so much for the Bunny 500 though. He does tear from one room to the next but not in the manner of racing. He does "binky" but not a lot and is more apt to do it outside than in the house. We gave him a sack from a clothing purchase the other day and he got inside and worked and worked until he got himself out the other end. Then after chewing and ripping strips for a while, he threw himself down on it and flopped over on his side. It was like he thought he was trapped in it and HAD to go through it, not back out the same way.


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