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This page is graphically intense with all the pictures
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Come on in and pull up a lawn chair. While I get us something to refresh ourselves, you might want to grab the binoculars and watch the birds. If you sit really still, they'll even come to the bird bath with you out here. Here I have a list of the birds I have seen in my yard so far. There are not all that many different kinds but considering there was nothing before we moved in, I think we've done pretty well. There had been a big dog and a pot bellied pig here before and there was no vegetation left except for four evergreens, two in each corner against the back fence. We have three blooming lilac bushes now but it took 7 years to bloom from bare root we planted the second year. I have a semi shade garden along the east facing back wall of the house so we are getting there. The birds sometimes scare Rusty Rabbit and he heads for the door but all in all, it's pretty serene in my backyard. We have a bird bath on a stand for them which they use often in the heat of the summer especially. We have another tray of water for the squirrels to drink from on a stump under a couple of firs trees.


~~ NOTE ~~

I must make note here though. While I am a bird lover and have taken a little time and effort to study some about our local birds, I know relatively little about birds. I get questions from people that should be asked of their vets or county extension agents. What I know I found in books, I bought or got from the library or have found online. Many of those online links you will find listed at the bottom of each page.

* If you click on each of pictures below, you will be taken to a page about that bird. The Hummingbirds, Finches, the Chickadees and the Nuthatches are all both on one page so only one 1st picture has a link. The ones without pictures are the new ones this year and I don't have pages for them yet or pictures. I wanted to go ahead and add them to the list while I work on adding the pages.

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Rufous Hummingbird

Annas Hummingbird

House Finch
Gold Finch
American Robin

Black Capped Chickadee

Chestnut Backed Chickadee

Red Breasted Nuthatch

White Breasted Nuthatch

Stellar's Jay

Barn Swallows
Northern Flicker
Northern Flicker

Dark-eyed Junco

Picture Coming Soon

House Sparrow

Picture Coming Soon

White-crowned Sparrow

Picture Coming Soon


House Wren

Picture Coming Soon


Black-headed Grosbeak

Picture Coming Soon


American Crow

Picture Coming Soon


Western Tanager


Picture Coming Soon


Red-winged Blackbird



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